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Use of Digital camera within boundaries of Islam

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Please Advise Me if Use Of Digital Camera ,if used within boundaries of Islam (i.e. only taking photos of wife kids and sisters and parents and scenes and not showing to other than Maharims) is Permissible or not ,if not please reason it in light Of Quran And Sunnah. Also I have one piece of digital camera old modal, later I found new model so I purchased it, is this purchase be considered as Tabzeer or Israf. Please Guide me what to do. If you advise me to stop using it I am ready to stop using it. Otherwise Advise me
Taking photos without any valid reason is haram. In previous “Umam” nations, Idol worship came in people through pictures. Therefore, taking pictures and photos is haram in islam. Along with this, there are many other reasons for the prohibition of pictures. In our present society, most of the non-Islamic activities are coming through pictures and photography. Therefore it is not allowed without any valid reason. Keeping a digital camera without any reason is not permissible, and when necessity arises, one can acquire it and fulfill the requirement. Replacing old digital camera with new expensive digital camera is not permissible, as it will be considered more than Tabzeer and Israf (spendthrift), which is haram.

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