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Is the salaat void if two takbeers are missed during the salaah?

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Example: Sometimes people stand up from ruku very late, resulting in them missing the standing position of saying “Rabbana lakal hamd” ie. two takbeers are missed. This delay could happen between the sajdas. Does this invalidate the whole salaah or does one just have to repeat the rakaat? Please explain the procedure one should follow if the above happens.


If one delayed in Ruku or sajdah to such an extent that the Imam had completed Qaumah(standing after Ruku) or Jalsa(Sitting between sajdas), then he should perform that posture and then join the Imam. His salah would then be correct.

If he didn’t go into Qaumah or Jalsa at all ie. went straight from Ruku into Sajda without raising his head or remained in sajdah until the Imam rejoined him, then he would have to repeat the salah. Missing the takbir (with the Imam) doesn’t invalidate the salah, missing out a posture invalidates it.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Husain Kadodia


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