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Regarding conductng Nikah in a manner to please Allah Talah and not hurt my parents too

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My Nikah is this month and i’ve tried my best to stay away from all sorts of Rasms(Bidaat),i have tried and convinced my parents regarding abandoning to Mehendi Cermony and they agreed, the girl is also from a Deeni family, but her parents are inviting people for food in a small hall on the same day as Nikah,since they dont have much place at home, i asked another Mufti Sahab here, he told me since the relatives will be there at Nikah, they r allowed to feed them(relatives), and he told me even i am allowed to eat there since i’ll be going for Nikah to the Musjid close to their place and far away from mine, and they have allowed 50-70, people from our side to come as well, now the problem is my parents want to take people from our side(around 50) to eat there after the Nikah, i want to know the Shariat ruling regarding it. will this be an act of Bidaat? will it affect my married life after Nikah? since i’ve heard from Ulema that knowingly negligience of Sunnat and introducing Bidat will take away the Barkat from the Nikah and Hidayat from off springs…..at the same time i dont want to hurt them(my parents also if i shouldn’t take those many people, how many people(women relatives) am i allowed to take at the girls place for Ruksati(i know the Sunnat is that the girls father should leave her), but they(my mother and other women relatives) will come for Ruksati and these people will b there for food too. how many of these can i take


In principle, it is Sunnah to accept an invitation. If the girl’s party invites your family to partake of the meals after the Nikah and before the Rukhsati, it is permissible to do so.

The number of people invited for the occasion should go. It is not permissible for people not invited to partake of the meals without prior consent from the host family.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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