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Various Questions on Islam


I have the following questions, I would really appreciate if it is answered and emailed back to me by a qualified islamic scholar.

1. Lets say, a muslim (while he is a muslim) intent to enter islam by saying la ilaha illallah after wishfully committing major shirk and/or major kufr. If he dies before saying la ilaha illallah (or before entering islam), will he die as a muslim and will he ever enter paradise? Also, can anyone reenter/enter islam more than once after committing major shirk and major kufr? (Also, is there a number after when one cannot renter islam?) Please, clarify each point.

2. Lets say there is multiple fatwa exists or given in an issue. If one chooses one fatwa from the fatwas out of his own desire, does he goes outside of islam? Also, will he be given any reward for the deed (choosing fatwa out of his own desire)?

3. Lets say there is multiple commentary exists for a verse of Quran or for a hadith of prophet Muhammad from different scholars. If a person chooses a commentary from a scholar based on his own desire and believes in it, does he goes outside islam? Also, will he be given any reward for the deed (choosing scholar’s commentary out of his own desire)?

4. I heard a hadith that ignorance person is forgiven. Lets say I am ignorant on purpose. In other words, I have a chance/opportunity to learn, but I did not learn ( because I wanted to remain ignorant on that matter), in that case will my ignorance be forgiven?

5. Lets say I committed a major shirk or major kufr out of ignorance. But I had a chance to learn whether something I did was major shirk/kufr or not, but I did not learn ( because I wanted to remain ignorant on that matter). In that case Will Allah punish me/ hold me accountable for both committing the shirk (or kufr) and not knowing, or Allah will punish me/ hold me accountable just for my ignorance? Or he will punish me for none because of my ignorance? Will I Go to heaven?


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What is the Islamic ruling regarding contraception?
What forms of contraception are allowed? Eg condoms, the pill, coil, IUD
Is the morning after pill allowed?

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Rights of divorced wife and child custody

My wife insists on Talaq that I refuse to utter as it will be 3rd time and I offer reconciliation and compromise. She asked for Khulaa خلع . She then asked for talaq due to Darar (and also obtained non molestation order from family court). She will care for the 7 years son only if we divorce. We had Islamic marriage upon Hanafi Madhab.

The question is: what are her rights after talaq in this situation? Knowing that I bought 2 properties in her sole name as security using my own money and I want them back if we separate.
Jazakallahu Khayra

Hanafi Fiqh

Am i allowed to seek Aspergers treatment without parents permission

I have thought for several years i have aspergers, but havent been tested. My parent does not think i have aspergers and the one time i brought it up i dont remember quite well but i dont think it was good. Given current circumstances i think it would be a very bad idea to bring it up, now or in future. If i have it i think it affects me in lots of ny life, like socializing and organizing and following instructions. I would hope to get treatment if i got a diagnosis. I might be going away for uni. Is it allowed for me to get treatment w/o parents knowledge or consent?

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Zakat and Marriage (Maintenance)

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakatuh

I would like to know the Islamic rules in case of the following issues:

1. In case if a person borrowed money (which is a good amount) and become unable to return the money (his main source of earning has almost stopped because of the pandemic since the last year, the other sources are not enough for maintaining his livelihood), the person has property on which he lives with his family,
– will it be okay for the loan provider to consider that given amount of money as zakat, which he gave to the borrower earlier? The loan provider is not rich and depends on her limited income.
– will it be okay to provide the person more zakat as he does not have the ability to buy food and medicines.

2. What is the Islamic ruling of helping an old widow with zakat, she lives almost on her daughters’ money (what they give to her) and some money which came from bank (or from a similar source) every month; her departed husband saved some money as fixed deposit and she received (I don’t know if its bank interest on not), but should we help her as a charity (our income is also not enough to support many people giving as charity), or, can we give her zakat, her departed son’s wife and children lives with her, none of them earn.

3. If a husband stays far from his wife, isn’t it mandatory for him to provide his wife needed maintenance? What are the Islamic rules for this case? Can he give excuse of not giving maintenance as her not living/being with her?

Zazakallah khair.

Hanafi Fiqh

Maintenance for wife

Assalam O Alaykum,

due to crises in my financial condition i am unable to arrange a separate independent flat for my wife , my wife is demanding divorce and on my refusal she applied khula in court and leave my home we have one daughter also.

my question is that, despite she already applied in court for khula, am i still liable to pay her for her maintenance. i am already paying for my daughter which i know my lifetime responsibility. but can my wife also demand for maintenance money for her own. as she is not agree to live in my existing flat and leave the home by her own will.

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Secret marriage at a young age

Assalam Alaikum,

I am a student and I have fell for a guy that’s also a Muslim and he’s kind hearted, smart and is well with his deen. We have one issue as we can’t get acceptance by both of our parents. We are tired of being in haram and want a Nikkah and make it halal by next year. Our parents will not accept this though because we are young and … We both have become more pious. I have started hijab, and have felt closer with Allah with him. Is there a way to do Nikkah in secret. We are Hanafis and in our madhab Nikkah without a Wali is allowed. Can we do a nikkah in secret and make a legal marriage as soon as we hit 18? One more point. If our parents accept in the future can we redo the Nikkah for show?

JazakAllah Khair