Should I marry this girl? I asked my father to bless me with her but he disagreed about her without a good reason…pls help

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I’m in love in a muslim girl & my intention is IN SHAALLAH to get married with her. I asked the neighbours about her (behaviour, islam way, personality ect.) and they were all positive about her. I asked my father about to bless me with her but he disagreed about her without a good reason. My sisters & brothers all are happy for me and want me to take her. Is it a sin to ignore my fathers word and follow what my heart wants? I also have contact with her on the telephone and sms but no direct contact (visit her or go out with her) is that forbidden or not? Please help me.


At the outset, we wish to point out that it is prohibited to have any
contact with the girl. Even telephone conversation and SMS are prohibited.

You should make sincere tawbah and sever all contact with the girl. Your
contact with the girl falls in the category of Zina (adultery). Allah Ta’ala
states, ‘And do not go close to Zina.’ It is these types of contacts that
lead one to illicit and Haraam acts. You state that your father does not
grant you the blessing to marry the girl. Surely, your father’s decision is
motivated by his love for you and his insight and experiences of life. You
and your family should approach your father and request him to reason out
with you. That is the only way to make an informed and conclusive decision.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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