1.Filed for bankruptcy, can I keep the items that were bought on that card? 2.Auto Insurance?

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I was married to a man who did every thing with credit cards, so I bought TV and other items on card. When we divorced, he refused to help me with cards payments although he had bought thousand dollars worth of office stuff on my cards. I ended up filing for bankrupcy. Am I allowed to keep the TV, VCR, Computer, and two other small appliances. My second question is about auto insurance, in America we have to atleast have liability insurance, , can we not have it and get arrested or get tickets for not having the insurance, is this allowed to get ourselves in trouble with the law of a non muslim country. We have no means or job opportunity to get out of the country yet, we are trying hard though.


1. The details of your question is not clear. Kindly explain the following:
a) In whose credit card were the items purchased? b) If it was your
ex-husband, was it with his consent or not? c) If the items were purchased
on your credit card or on his, why you feel he should pay? d) Any other
necessary information.
We also wish to inform you that it is not permissible to view TV and VCR.
You should dispose of them irrespective of who is responsible for the
2. If you are required by law to have a liability insurance, you will be

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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