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Question on the direction of Qibla in America

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Respected Mufti I have several questions. I am in Arizona in United States of America. Here in the mosques we pray North-East. However, one of my friend argues that it is South-East. He said to me that my prayers are invalid. He himself stopped going to mosques since they pray North-East. I have read a fatwa that North-East is the correct direction I believe from your site. He argued that all the proofs given are from recent scholars, whereas thaere is a Hadith that is people from the West pray East and people from the East pray West. Now in Prescott (the town we live in) there are no mosques. We established the Juma’a (friday) prayers for the Muslims of the University. The Muslims here just follow him blindly. He changed the direction so all of them changed with him without even asking why. I still pray Noth-East and so I don’t pray with him because I believe that North-East is a direction to Mecca and I don’t want to leave the Jama’a, because I go to Phoenix and want to pray in the mosque and not leave the Jama’a. Moreover, I believe one should not pray in one direction and change to other for another prayer. Now I have three questions. 1) Is he right that the correct direction is South-East? 2) Am I right to stop praying with him in Juma’a? 3) Should I tell all the other students that he is praying South-East? May Allah reward you for your reply


We are aware that some people believe that Qiblah in North America is South
East. We researched the issue and also all the substantiations presented by
those who claim Qiblah is towards the South East.

It is our humble opinion that the Qiblah for North Americans is in the North
Easterly direction. You should inform the students that they are now
erroneously following in the South Easterly direction.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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