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Whi is chatting with ghair mahrams not allowed?

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Assalamualaikum I know that making boyfriends/girl friends is not allowed in Islam..but I made some boys (non-mahrims) as my brothers in order to guide them on the right path and to share and gain the Islamic knowledge. And I chat with them only on internet!( some are strangers) I read in the previous messages that chatting is not allowed..I can’t understand, what is wrong in chatting? You have said in the previous messages that there were innumerable cases where young boys and girls chat with one another and thereafter engage in illicit relationships. But brother Mufti, I am 18 years old and I am very well aware of what is wrong and right because I am always guided by parents n friends. Though I have many friends whom I treat like my own brothers, I try my best not to indulge into wrong acts, and I always pray to Allah to guide me on the right path. I am not like other girls, falling in love with someone I have a very good capability to control myself (alhamdulillah) and not to go in the wrong path, I only chat with some people including girls n boys (but mainly boys, who need to be corrected) in order to bring good change in them and to make them good Muslims. I want to know that is this wrong? Please reply me in detail… then please suggest me..what should I do? I cannot stop chatting all of a sudden all boys treat me as their sister, alhamdulillah I am very confused! I always pray to Allah to guide me on the right path..A?ameen! Jazakallah Khairan ?.


We take note of the details of your question.

Your intention of chatting with males to correct them is noble. However, we
advise you request a male member of your family to do that. The possibility
of Shaytaan interfering with you in your correspondence with males cannot be
ruled out as Shaytaan is our open enemy.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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