While keeping qaza fasts if we dont remember the number of fasts left in a year can we calculate approximately

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if we dont remember exact number of fasts left per year can we calculate approximately and make niyat that we r fasting our first of the remaining fast is it ok or we have to mention the year


When you cannot remember the actual number of missed fasts, you should use your discretion and determine the number of missed fasts of each year. When making Qadha, you should formulate your Niyyat (intention) that you are observing this particular fast in place of so and so fast missed out in so and so year.

However, if this is difficult, you may formulate your intention thus, ?I am keeping Qadhaa of the last fast I missed out.? Everytime you wish to make Qadhaa, you may make this same intention until you are confident that all your missed fasts are covered.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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