Duff or Drum in Nasheeds/Nazams

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Q: What is the Islamic ruling on the duff or drum that is played in nazams and qaseedas? We hear conflicting views among the Ulema.

A: I came across an interesting article by one Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Saheem of Reyadh, in which he proved the following points through valid and authentic references:

1. That the duff or drum is permissible on only two occasions: Nikah and the circumcision of a boy;
2. That use of the duff on the above two occasions are permissible for little girls only, and not men or young women.
3. That men are prohibited from using the duff under any circumstances;
4. That use of the duff for songs and other entertainment is not permissible.

We fully endorse this fatwa of Shaikh Abdur Rahman Saheem. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of this Arabic article is welcome to write to us providing postal details.

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