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Is it wrong to not accept my parents wish?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

I am the eldest female in my family and at the right age to to be married. However, my heart is in studying Islamic Law. Now is it wrong of me to turn down the purposals that my parents have been trying so hard for me to accept. My heart is not happy with that I wish to continue with my studies and only live praying to Allah (swt).


From the Shariah point you cannot be forced or coerced into a marriage or
accepting a proposal. However one looks at the Hadith Nabi
sallahualaihiwasalam said ” O youth if any of you have the means to marry he
should as it lowers the eyesight and protects the private parts. Also The
Prophet of Allah said ” If one whose Deen and character pleases you proposes
you should marry him if not there would be tribulations and great evil”.
Marrying and pursuing your studies could be done simultaneously,as this has
been and is been done by both men and women.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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