Are non-Muslim people going to be thrown in hell right away? Or will they be judge according to their deeds and what they believed? Will a Christian be judge by the bible?

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Are non-Muslim people going to be judged on the deeds? Or are they going to be thrown in hell right away? I once red that God is more merciful then the most merciful man, and if I feel bad for them, isn?t God going to feel even worst for them? I think most people are not that bad, and should be forgiven, isn?t god even more merciful then me? I have lots of friends who are not Muslims, but they are caring, good, brave people with a lot of values and they do good actions, they just believe in something else (Christians). What will happen to them after death? Are they going to be forgiven? Are they going to be judge for their deeds? I feel so bad knowing that they might burn in hell, since I love them, and I feel they are good people. Isn?t god going to judge us with justice? Meaning that he will judge us according to our deeds? And we have to keep in mind that they did not have the same chance as me, being born Muslim. Thank you in advance for answering, may god bless you.


By the prophethood of Nabi Muhammad [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam], all previous religions, e.g. Judaism, Christianity, etc. were abolished. The only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam.

1. ?Verily, the religion acceptable to Allah is Islam.? (Surah Aali Imraan Aayat19)

2. ?Whoever chooses a religion besides Islam, it will never be accepted from him?? (Aalim Imraan Aayat85)

3. ?As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert, plain which a thirsty person deems to be water, until when he comes to it, he finds nothing, and he finds (the decree) of Allah with him ? and Allah is swift at reckoning.? (al-Noor 39)

4. ?Verily, those who believe (have Imaan) and they do righteous deeds, those are the people of Jannah (heaven).? (Baqarah Aayat82)

From the above references, we can gather that underlying criteria for a person to be entered into Jannah is Imaan. If a person does all the good deeds one can do, and he does not have Imaan, then he will not be entered into Jannah, rather he will be put into hell. The good deeds that non-believers do, they will be rewarded for it in this world by means of wealth, health, prosperity, etc. and in the hereafter, there will be no reward for them.

When we look at the sifaat (qualities) of Allah, we must not look at them individually, rather we must look at all the qualities together. We must also bear in mind that Allah can do as He pleases and He does not have to follow any rules, etc. If He wants to put them into hell, then He can do so. If He wants to put them (non-Muslims) into Jannah, He can do so and He does not have to answer to anyone as to why he did so.

Since you have feelings of concern for your friends, why don;?t you give them Da?awah (invitation) to Islam. It is stated in the Hadith that ?A true friend is he who invites his friend to the straight path, i.e. towards Islam, good deeds, charity, etc.? Make lots of du’aa for your non-Muslim friends that Allah grant them the wealth of Imaan and that they realise the truth from falsehood.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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