State of a person who’s animal is slaughtered in another country when the day of Eid is prior to his?

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What is the state of a person who resides in Canada and has his animal slaughtered in another country where the day of Eid is prior to his? Will this affect the Qurbani of this person or should they wait till the next day to coincide with the day of Eid of the Mudhahhi?


Assalamualaykum wa Rarahmatullahi was Barakaatuhu

The Qurbani animal which is slaughtered in another country one day before the Eid of the mudhahhi (the one in Canada whose Qurbani animal it is) is correct. Basically, the place of the animal is considered and not the place of that person whose Qurbani animal it is. (Durrul Mukhtar vol 6 pg 318, Fatawa Raheemiyah vol 9 pg 314)

However, some of our contemporary senior Ulama have expressed reservation with regard to the validity of such a Qurbani. Hence, if the people in India are requested in such a situation to postpone the Qurbani till the next day (so that it corresponds with the Eid of the Mudhahhi ie. the person who has appointed someone on his behalf to do qurbani (from another country), it would be in order and in fact, recommended as a matter of precaution (Darul Iftaa archives)


Ibrahim Kureshi

Muhammad Z Panchbhaya

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