According to the Shafi fiqh, is it permissible for a woman to visit the graveyard?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Arij Canada
According to the Shafi fiqh, is it permissible for a woman to visit the graveyard?Please quote the most authentic opinion.

Answer: There are different views amongst the Shawafi jurists with regards to women visiting the grave-yard. Some regard it as Haraam. Others say that it is Makrooh e Tanzihi (lightly reprehensible). However, in one of the most reliable books of the Shafi’ie Fiqh, Al Majmoo’, preference is given to the opinion that it is Haraam (forbidden) if the reason for going there is to revive past sorrows and to mourn by wailing and crying. If the objective is that of taking a lesson and remembrance of death then it is Makrooh, unless it is an old woman who has reached such an age that mischief and evil is not feared by her going out. The author further states that in spite of the above opinion being the preferred one, caution lies in old women also not visiting the graveyard. (See Al-Majmoo’ vol.5 pg.277)

The nature of women is that they become emotional very quickly, due to which they could end up transgressing the limits of Shari’ah by crying, wailing, etc. Therefore, it is advisable for them not to go.

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