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Can you take security deposit from a tenant?

Is speaking ill of the Companions of the Prophet considered disrespectful to Islam?

Is it permitted for a husband to re-marry his current wife?

Will Salah be accepted if a 2m gap between worshipers is required?

Islam will last for 1500 years?

Is earning money through online freelancing (e.g. making logos or web design) allowed in Islam?

Is it permissible to change share percentage of profit/loss in a Mudharabah contract?

Can money from the Ismaili sect be accepted for building a mosque?

Did my brother’s statement to his wife during an argument imply divorce?

What should a son do if his father oppressed him and his family, but now asks for financial support in old age?

What is the ruling on having someone else take an exam for you?

Must someone give Dam if stopped at airport for Umra and sent back home due to COVID-19? Out of Ihram state?

Can employment at an institute be bought, even if they don’t take into account merit when hiring workers?

What is the ruling on Zaid, Fatima’s husband, marrying Fatima’s mother who is his father’s wife?

Can a masjid accept donations from someone of the Ithna-Ashariya sect?