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Questions pertaining to Zakaat issues.

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Q. When persons apply for Zakaat, the Zakaat committee usually investigates the case. Is this permissible? A. There is no harm in investigating a case to know whether the person is deserving or not. Q. People apply for Zakaat and they are given Zakaat to build/stock businesses e.g. oil selling etc. so as not to… read more »

Promise to marry a sister.

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Question: A man made intention and promise (engagement) to marry a sister some time ago. Since then he has been in regular communication with the sister (although he was advised that he should not do so) and they argue and quarrel regularly. It is also apparent that the girl dislikes his mother immensely and he… read more »

Using the Miswaak alone.

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Question: I know that using a miswaak is sunnah, what I would like to know is that if it is proper to just use the Miswaak alone instead of a toothbrush. I know that the toothbrush can clean some hard to reach places the Miskwaak may not be able to and in keeping with proper… read more »

Taking a loan from a bank

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Question: Assalaamu Alaikum, I would like to know if someone is in serious need of a vehicle and the only means of acquiring this vehicle is through a loan from the bank if this could ever be compulsory. Well not compulsory but if they can go through this course. Jazaakallaah   Answer: Wa Alaikum as… read more »

Investing in Unit Trust.

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Question: Is it permissible to engage in any sort of investing with the Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago? Answer: The UTC of T&T invests their monies in many different companies, some of which are Halaal and others are Haraam. While they may be able to inform their clients as to where they normally… read more »

Going to Hajj without a Mahram.

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Question: In the past years some of our sisters have been encouraged to undertake the Hajj (Pilgrimage) even though their husbands or their Mahrams were not going with them. We were made to understand that since the sisters are going with a group of other sisters it was OK for them to do so and… read more »