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It is Unlawful to Circulate Frightening Videos, even Jokingly

Some videos are circulating on social media where, at the beginning of a video, a certain topic is suggested for discussion to attract one`s attention. However, at the end of the video something frightening appears suddenly. Although this is done as a joke, it is really frightening, and wuld such video be seen by a pregnant woman, someone with heart condition or an old man it would have serious consequences: death, stroke or harm. Could your Grace issue a fatwa prohibiting circulating such videos?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Giving Birth under the Supervision of a Male Doctor is only Permissible in Case of Pressing Need

My wife is pregnant and I have a government health insurance because I work for a public hospital. Muslim, Christian, male and female doctors work there as well, so I can`t choose who to treat her. Is it permissible that she gives birth under the supervision of the doctor on duty who could be male, female, Muslim or Christian? However, hospital policy stipulates that a female nurse be present with male doctor upon examining a female patient and this stipulation is adhered to.

Shafi'i Fiqh

Executing a Will Concerning a Wealth is a Legal Obligation

A woman vowed to call her son "Islam" in case Allah favored her with one. After six years of marriage, she got pregnant and she is currently in her fifth month. However, her husband wants to name that child "Omar" because his father told him so before he(Grandfather) passed away, and the wife knows about it. In fact, she vowed to name him as such hoping that Allah blesses her pregnancy and her child grows to become a righteous Muslim. Which should take precedence: the husband`s wish or the wife`s vow?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Aborting Some of the Embryos if they were more than a Twin

I am pregnant with more four twins since two months although I didn't have childbearing potential during the last four years. In addition, the doctor specialized in reprusccusions, already has notified me about the possible reprusccusions as a result of being pregnant with four twins as follows: abortion, metrorrhagia, premature birth, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and the like. What is the ruling on aborting some of the aforementioned embryos? A medical report was attached in which the status of my question is clarified.

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