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Girls Names

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Q: I’m pregnant expecting a baby girl, but very confused about names. As usual looking for something unique but from Quran as well. If possible can you guide me about these two names:
1. Elliyeen = rank of best believers in jannat.
2. Zirwa = top, pinnacle. Suraha Baqrah is also called zirwa ul quran.
Can these be used as girl’s names?

A: Whilst those names are acceptable it would be better to chose names that denote servitude to Allah such as Amatullah or Ammaturahmaan etc. Ammatun in Arabic means female slave of Allah. Names denoting servitude to Allah, names of the wives of the Prophets, names of the daughters of Nabi sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and the names of the daughters and spouses of the Sahaba are best are best and most preferred.

Mufti Aadiel Moosagie

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