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As per Quran saying, for pious men there will be pious women. As per my understanding it means that if I am pious I will then able to get pious women (wife)…

I would like to comment and express my concern regarding the response on Fatwa #17502; dated February 13th 2009. The person who sent their question in advised …

I am writing to you about me feeling disturbed and I needed to express this.

I am 15 years old and i have been wearing the headscarf for just over a year and i hate it

What is the islamic shariah on watching or participating in sports where the full satr is not covered

1. What is the sunnah way of clipping hand and toe nails. 2. Is it ok for females to not cover their hair infront of their mehrems (father, brothers ) while inside the house. Because I have heard that the angels dont come to such a place where females are with uncovered heads.

I am a married female living with my in-laws i.e. father in-law, mother in-law and my husband’s sister. My husband says I can only cover between my navel and knees in front of them…

What is rule of wife,s mother can you come out front of her?

I have heard that once you do anal sex, your NIKAH is being terminated instantly with ur wife. Is this true?

If any one take bath in washroom with her wife, with out cloth, even in water tab, is it include in sin or is the right of every husbend?

1.Is it permissible to advertise for the shop in different magazine and newspaper where we advertise for the garments with male or female models?…2.What is the minimum requirement for male circumcision?

For a muslim woman what are the minimum parts of the body that are needed to be covered or what are the maximum parts of the body that are permitted to be exposed for the follwing cases

Can a husband touch, insert his fingers in her wife’s private parts during foreplay.(Is this act considered as modesty).

Hi what type of clothes can women wear inside their homes. Also what clothes did the wives of the Prophet Mohammed (Salallahu alayhi) wasalam wear?

I want to know that is there any difference between Salaah of Muslim men and Muslim women? ….My second question is that it is said that women should throw her hair ..