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 I want to ask you if it is possible in islam to marry a real brother’s son? One of my friend and her nephew are in love with each other, they tried so many time to forget each other but as they are in th e same family and see each other frequently unable to get rid of their feelings for each other, please guide them if there is any way they can get marry , or please help them to forget each other ! they are fed up of their lives , don’t know what to do as they love each other so much! They live in United Kingdom and their family don’t know about their feeling for each other yet! They met each other first time 3 years ago as the boy is born and brought up in UK and they met each other when the boy first time came to his parents homeland and now the girl has gone to UK for studying purpose but not living with boys family! both of them’s fathers has passed away! please i want this reply personally just in my e-mail A.S.A.P!

Is it permissible to wear jeans in your home, for your husband. Is there a difference between wearing a trouser with an abaya or a jeans with an abaya since you can hardly see both.

Is it permissable in islam to stand naked infront of your husband?please inform me if there is any shariah rulings in this regard?

I would like to ask about the regrets which are distrubing me. Once I had a intercourse and I performed oral to my wife, May I please know, how to repent on that, becuase I feel like I have done a very big sin.

Your Site says taht it it is immodest for husband and wife to be completely naked in frotn of each other, but its ok to be naked during intercourse. My questions are:

I want to get an explanation of two seemingly contradictory Hadith. One is from Tirmidhi Sahrif where its Baab is Ummul Muminin Aisha (RA) never saw the private parts of Rasulullah (PBUH) and reverse also

Is it ok to a have a boyfriend for three years? and can i marry him without knowing my family to just avoid doing something that god didnt told as to do?

Please answer the following questions

I would just like to know weather it is needed to make Wudhu whilst having a bath as you are already Purifying yourself by Bathing from head to toe so then do you still have to make Wudhu?

Is it permissable to eat in a restaurant where there is mixed gathering without music if the wife…

I have read that you have to have full clothes on when you go to bed. I have a habit of sleeping naked, but I do cover myself with a sheet or blanket. Is that okay to do so? I make sure I am fully covered with the blanket.

Is it permissible for a couple to have sex under the open sky (obviously in total privacy)?