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I read the topic on your website ” Why are muslims suffering”. In point 23 the opperessive leader you qouted a hadith “Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam) said: …

I am working as a software Engineer in Bangalore. In May I am going to get married. In my family I am the only guy trying to live according to deen. My father dont listen to me and…I want to live in my hometown away from my parents because I cannot believe them because they take money for intrest and use for there needs but as well as I cannot leave them alone also.

My father have a second wife and left my mother for almost six years becouse my mother couldn`t accept his second wife. But however my father did not neglect his children but…

To what extent we should follow our parents order according to Islam? (Mariage)

Is favoritism amongst ones children allowed in Islam?

My question is regarding making an auth under the following circumstances:

As mentioned in different ahadith regarding the qamis of Rasulullah is that its sleeves used to reach wrist (Shama il Tirmidhi), but as seen in Topkapi museum in Egypt is that its having half sleeves. Please clarify.

I would like to know in details about your views on Sheikh Ahmed Hussein Deedat (Ahmed Deedat – in short)

Someone ask me that she is the only child of her parents. her father has some land properties and so on. now the question is why her father’s wealth will be distributed

Please tell me the signs which will appear just before the appearance of imaam mahdi,and to recognise him as a true mahdi