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Hilaal – Darul Uloom Trinidad & Tobago

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Darul Uloom Trinidad & TobagoInstitute of Higher Islamic Studies & Secondary Education Home Vision Mission Summary of Aims & Objectives Core Values The Achievements of the Darul Uloom Trinidad & Tobago Legal Status Humble Appeal Fatwa Beliefs and Practices Salah Marriage Business/Finance Fasting Women Miscellaneous Halaal APPROVED FAST FOOD OUTLETS Bakeries/Desserts BBQ, BURGERS & GRILL… read more »

Teaching finance education to students

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(1) I am the owner of a Canadian company where we provide educational software to Canadian schools which teach basic financial education to school students Like: How to open a bank current/saving account? How does current/saving account work? What’s interest? How is interest calculated? How does car financing work? How can you apply for car… read more »

Dua to get job

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I completed my education of MBA in 2011. My age is 31 now. I have no job till now. I pray namaz everyday ask forgiveness and to get job or some other source. Till now my father is helping me financially. He is getting old. Please advice some dua or other so that I can… read more »

Zakah for the basic need of a child

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How to give some one zakah for basic school & college education to a Muslim? What is the right way to proceed or process? The intention is to make the person self reliant or self sustainable. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 316/275/L=3/1439)   If the child is poor and adult or minor but sane and… read more »