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Halaal Certification process.

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Q. Can you please respond to this e-mail and give me your opinion on content. Assalamu Alaikum, I contacted the certifying body regarding their Halal certification process and they put me on to a brother. This is the plant which is certified by an Islamic organization and is a supplier of chicken for outlets in Trinidad… read more »

Eating meat from Jews and Christians.

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Q. Is eating meat from the people of the book permitted? Are there Christian rules and regulations in slaughtering animals? Can I eat meat that is certified Kosher? A. As mentioned in the Holy Quran, the slaughtered animals and birds of the people of the Book is permissible for Muslims to eat. However, this allowance… read more »

Hyaluronic Injection

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Question: Is it permissible to take an injection of hyaluronic acid, also called synvisc injection for severe arthritis pain in the knees. The hyaluronic acid comes from the Chicken Comb. Jaza -Kallah. Answer: Assalamu Alaikum, Yes, it is permissible to use the Synvisc injection for arthritis. And Allah Knows Best. Mufti Waseem Khan. 4/1/2014 Original… read more »

Stunning the Birds before slaughter

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In a recent published article regarding ‘Halaal Chicken’, it was shown that the Nutrimix processing plant was visited by a group of Scholars, and that they had seen everything to be ‘okay’ at the plant. Upon this, the chicken was approved and certified as halal. In addition, the article also showed the permissibility and allowance… read more »

Placing chicken in hot water.

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Question: Chickens are normally placed in hot water for the easy removal of the feathers before removing it’s intestines. Would it then be permissible to partake of these, since there is a possibility of the chicken becoming unclean? Answer: If the chicken is left in the hot or boiling water for only that duration, that… read more »

A Misleading and Delusive Article

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Article Review A MISLEADING AND DELUSIVE ARTICLE (The way we see it) Recently, an article appeared on the ‘Newsday’ daily newspaper which in reality, was misleading and deceiving to the Muslim public. This article was published on Thursday 25th November 2010 on page 16 of Section A NEWSDAY (daily newspaper) and highlighted the halal status… read more »