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Those who buy the meat without any stamp of HALAL is it ok to eat?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

Assalam-0-Alikum Warahmatullah; I am studying in sweden and here are many muslim people are living from different parts of the world, Alhumdulillah we have two masajid here in this small city. what I want to know is:
1- Here in this city (Country) we can find Halal meat, but still some people use beef or mutton or chicken which doesn’t have any stamp of HALAL, and they say that this is not haram meat because it is not Pork. on the other hand in some Muslim Restaurants the workers or owners (Muslims) claim their food to be Halal not because of the slaughter but because of meat (beef, mutton or chicken). 2- If some one eat in these Restaurants is it Halal because the owner is Muslim and claim the food to be Halal. 3- Those who buy the meat without any stamp of HALAL is it OK to eat or not? I hope you will reply as early as you can.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that the permissibly or impressibility of any meat does not only connect with the fact that meat is of Halal animal and whether it contains the Halal seal or no, rather, in addition to being the meat of Halal animal it should also have been slaughtered by a Muslim or an Ahl e Kithab taking the name of Allah Tha’ala in conformity with the prescribed method of Shari’a. Now if an institution makes arrangements to slaughter according to Shar’i method and as a token of sign if they place their seal too on it, then it is correct and permissible beyond doubt, to purchase, such raw meat if sold in any boutique, to purchase and consume dishes made out of such meat if sold in any restaurant. It is not correct to have doubts on it’s permissibly unnecessarily without any valid proof. However if any institution makes meat through shock or machine-slaughtering it is necessary to refrain from using meat of such institutions without having a proper research.

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