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Can we use contraception until we get familiar



I am aware of some of the general reasons shariah permits the practice of contraception such as:
Physical state of the woman,Weakness and illness, The couple are on a distant journey, The couple’s relations are unstable and divorce is likely, Spacing out children in order to give them adequate care and attention etc. My question is in regards to newly wedded couples would it be permissible for them to use contraception for a short period of time as they become aquainted with one another. If it is permissible how long would it be permissible to use for. If it is not permissible and it is still used would it be regarded as sinful or makrooh.

Jazakallah may Allah reward you for your efforts.


Being a newlywed is no excuse for using contraception. In fact they should try to have children as soon as possible. Because children stabilize the marriage.

Using contraception itself is Makrooh and some of the reasons you have mentioned (getting acquainted etc.) are not genuine but rather they are just excuses, so be careful. Children are a gift from Allah; Receive them with both hands.

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