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I want to learn all the sunnats of getting married

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Salaam Shaykh,

My family have found a practising sister from a pious family masha’Allah for my marriage and we are about to propose insha’Allah. I would like to be able to practise every Sunnah before, during and after Nikah as a person seldom gets this opportunity repeatedly in their life. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate if the Shaykh can kindly propose as many books as he can whether in English, Urdu or Arabic. I’m willing to spend as much as it takes but I don’t want to miss any Sunnah at all insha’Allah.

Jazak Allah


Walaikumussalam w w
I am sorry I don’t have a book store so I don’t know what books are available out there. Check out azhar academy, or Bolton Kutubkhana on 01204 389080. There are some good videos regarding marriage on YouTube as well, listen to them.
May Allah increase your knowledge and your love for sunnah and make life easy for you. Wassalam

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