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Ruling for a ma’zoor, (excused person)

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Question: I have piles and i am a ma’zoor. Please explain what this is, and the rulings connected to it.

Answer: A ma’zoor person is someone who is in a constant state of impurity – like a woman who is constantly bleeding, even after period has finished. or someone who has a continuous nosebleed, or someone who keeps passing wind.

Someone who has piles that is constantly leaking, is also a ma’zoor.

​The hukm, or ruling, for a ma’zoor is that he/she should do wudhu for every fardh salah, and when the time for that salah finishes, they should do wudhu for the next salah.

​For example, if they do wudhu after zohr time has started, they can do as many acts of worship that require wudhu as they want, until asr time starts. As soon as Asr time starts, their wudhu is broken, and they must redo their wudhu before they can perform any other wudhu-requiring acts.

والمستحاضة ومن به سلس البول والرعاف الدائم والجرح الذي لا يرقأ يتوضئون لوقت كل صلاة فيصلون بذلك الوضوء في الوقت ما شاءوا من الفرائض والنوافل

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