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Entering Jannah before Judgement

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Does anyone enter into Jannat before the day of judgement?


One is Jannah in general where the souls of ambiyaa, Siddiqeen and shuhada are taken and they remain there until judgement day. This will be like a guest house for us in the Dunya. The souls of Shuhada are allowed to roam around in Jannah, they are provided with sustenance as mentioned in the Quran.

The other is everyone’s personal Jannah, This will be entered into after judgement day.

Rasul (SAW) will cross the bridge known as “Pul Sirat” and proceed with all the believers, He will knock on the gate of Jannah, Ridhwan the gatekeeper of Jannah will enquire who it is, Rasul (SAW) will reply that it is Muhammad and his ummah, Ridhwan will reply “I have been commanded not to open jannah for anyone before you”. The other prophets and their ummahs will then follow ummate Muhammadiyyah.

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