day of judgement

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QUESTION: Asalaamu alaikum, i wanted to know if your husband has a last name like “Mahraj”or “Maharaj” due to his father not being muslim before he converted to Islam. Will it be wrong to give that child his  father’ s last name. Because to my knowing on the day of judgement every person will be… read more »

What are the Arsh and Kursi?

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What are the Arsh and Kursi of Allah? How are they different from each other? Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, The ‘Arsh’ translated as throne literally means an elevated seating structure that kings and emperors use to sit on. With respect to its meaning in the Holy Quran, it is a great structure which Allah has created. As mentioned by… read more »


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On Wednesday 2nd December 2015 an article appeared on the daily express entitled ‘Islam: Why should I care? Having read this article and looked at its contents carefully, we wish to declare that the information presented by the author has created a false and erroneous impression in the minds of people about Islam. The author… read more »