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Would it be ok to Bayt With Another Shaykh After Istikhara and Mashwara?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Salaam hazrat, I hope your well.

Im a university student, for the past six years since the age of 16 I have been involved with the effort of tabligh. I have sat in talks of mashaikh but did not have intention to give bayt.

However after having spent a couple of chillas I really felt that I needed a shaikh, however I was desperate to find a shaikh that would let me spend 40 days a year and stick to tabligh.

As soon as I start getting into tasawwuf a bit I got in contact with a young shaikh over the phone, he is reliable as he is a Khalifa of pir zulfiqar db. After the first conversation over the phone I did kalimat of tawba with him and I did it with intention of bayt.

He left for two months, I still had not met him. I started doing research on tasawwuf and different shuyukh and started doing istikhara and mashwara. I felt like I rushed and that i made a mistake. When he came back I spoke to him and said That I think I only did kalimat of tawba with him and not bayt, he said thats fine. I told him I want to look for a shaikh properly but I am still considering him.

Would it be ok to bayt with another shaikh after istikhara and mashwara, as now I am considering properly not just rushing.

Also while doing istikhara I saw a dream of me and my ameer sab. My ameer sab was wearing white and I saw a light, I heard someone say that make sure you wear the white clothes of naqshbandis. What does this mean?

Since then I’ve done research and came across pir Abdur Rahman naqshbandi db, he’s going to come to the uk soon so I want to see him. Im really considering doing bayt with him.

Sorry for the long e-mail but I really want to progress in deen and want my islaah. I really want to be fully happy with my choice of shaikh. Also due to my inclination to tabligh, what advice do you have in terms of which type of shaikh I should do bayt with?


I agree with you. You should get Bayat where your heart is.

Do istikharah and then decide.

May Allah provide the most beneficial shaykh for you and may Allah grant you Barakat and taraqqi.


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