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How can we ensure success in competitive exams?

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My daughter was appearing in engineering competition exam for last 2 years. She is a namazi, rozadaar girl, we are religious people. I am also a religious lady namazi, quran in my daily routine. For my daughter’s kamyabi I used to read salatul hajat daily for last 2 years and have read many wazifa like surah muzammil and surah Yaseen (repeatition of mubeen) and 41 times Alhamdo sharif in fajr for last 4 months before exams. She also studies daily for 15 hours. Now I have no yaqeen in dua and wazifa. She is again going to appear in June. Please tell me wazifa and dua for kamyabi in competition. She is also wearing a taweez for kamyabi. Please tell me in Urdu.

If you do a lot of or too much ‘zikr’ sometimes you can be very tired such that you’ll develop hatred for it is baseless. Who told you to do all this ‘zikr’ you should do one type of ‘wazeefa’ and lead the rest to Allah. Whether he accepts your prayer or doesn’t is based on some understanding and knowledge only he has. Our duty is only to make effort and Allah based on the knowledge of what is best for us will decide our fate of, we don’t control the results so we should just have faith in his decisions.

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