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Can women do Zikr Ilahi while in menses?

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Can a lady recite Zikr Ilahi, Surah Fatiha in menstruation and can she make dua to Allah on the praying mat? Also does Allah SWT accept the dua of a menstruating women when the make the dua with all the Etiquettes? Can I wake up in tahajjud and fajr and just recite surah Fatiha and zikr ilahi and make dua for my hajat and will Allah SWT accept it as He would when we are clean and in paak state? (Canada)

Besides reciting the Koran or any prayers mentioned in the Koran a person could recite any other prayers. In this state of impurity recitation of the Koran is not permissible, the touch the Koran or to pray is not allowed. There happens to be a dispute among the scholars with respect to the recitation of sura fatiha as to if it is allowed or not in the state of impurity to recite. But the best of the opinions, which is most cautionary, is not to recite it. Allah accepts the prayers of those people in this condition as he would accept the prayers of people who are not in the similar condition. So, a person should excessively pray and do ‘istighfar’. A person can also get up at the time of ‘tahajjud’
and pray, in other words, make dua.

The state does not mean that a woman becomes impure such that she cannot do anything it just means that by the dictates of the law she is not a lot to do certain things but she can still do the rest of the stuff relating with things between herself and Allah.

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