I recollect to have seen the angel Jibraeel in my dream. Is it possible? What could it mean?

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1. Few years back, I now recollect to have seen the angel Jibraeel in my dream (I was then about 17 – now 21). The background was heavenly like, cloudy white – nothing but the angel and me. We were sitting face to face. I can not remember if our legs were crossed or like in prayer position. He was reciting either an Ayat from the Quran in front of him or a dua of some sort. This is all a recollection today and starting to make me think due to my current events. I’m not sure if it is possible for the Shaitan to deform the details of my memory somehow, but I do remember to have seen the dream. Religiously, I have drifted quite far from previously – very little of salaat and Quran recitation. What does this all mean, any indication of something? What am I to do? Any duaa’s or amaal I should pick up to improve my conditions? In another dream, around same period of time, I was chasing after a bunny in a forest by the river. I saw a group of deers trapped in an island surrounded by water looking at me with sad faces hoping to receive help. I had just turned my head and continued following the rabbit. Many of whom, that I described this dream to, have given the obvious explanation – I’m selfishly running after the materials of the world. But I do not know myself to be like that. Is there any other possible meaning to this dream?


1. The dream is a Mubaarak (blessed one). May you benefit from the Barakaat of that dream, Aameen.

2. The second dream has no significance. The main requirement to change and reform is courage and dedication. The stronger the commitment and dedication, the greater the results. Any shortcoming in that will reflect in your actions.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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