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Istekhara for Marriage

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I like to marry a girl in my relatives. Please advice me how to make Istikhara whether this girl be a right match for me in every aspect (Deen & Dunya). Please tell me of some Dua to acquire a good job in a good company.

Istekhara for Marriage
The method for Istikhara for marriage is the same as Istikhara for other things. This is that you should pray two rakaats after Isha before sleeping. On the words haazal amar you should think of the name of this girl, and then ask Allah that if marrying this girl is good for you then HE should decree it for you. Then you should go to sleep without talking to anyone. If you see a dream, you should ask someone to find out what it means; you should not try to interpret it your self. Continue doing this for at least seven days. If you don’t see anything then you should act upon your inclination as to what you think is best. Inshallah, the help all of Allah will be with you. As far as the matter of job is concerned you should read “Allahu Lateefum Be Ibadehee, Yarzukoo Man Ya shaaoo, Wa Huwal Qawiyul Azeez” 129 times every day; and “Hasbunallahu Wa Namal Wakeel” 308 times every day. At the beginning and at every odd number you should read Durood.

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