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Tableeg and Islah

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I was having a discussion with a tablighi brother and I told him that it is also necessary to do your islah with a Shaykh. He then said our islah is getting done by going in jamat. When you go for ghusht you have to listen sometimes harsh words and by doing the work Allah takes care of your islah. Is this correct.

Tableeg and Islah
To have a relationship with a properly trained spiritual guide is necessary for both those brothers involved in the effort of Dawaat and tableegh and for others who are not. The point that was mentioned by the brother in your question is correct. But the fact is, that through that only one some limited type of training is accomplished: the qualities of patience and humility can be obtained through listening to others cursing you out and listening patiently. But there are many other types of internal diseases and diseases of the ego and other deficiencies which will not be corrected by this effort. On the contrary many other deficiencies and defects are inherited which we can’t even estimate their effect. Sometimes bad things can be produced from good things. For example: wine can be manufactured from grapes. Similarly, even while we are involved in the effort Allah it is possible for some diseases to start developing inside of us. For example: we start to consider ourselves as the workers of Allah; or we start to claim to be old workers; and we start displaying our knowledge, our rules, and our awareness of certain rules in front of other people; and we start to develop jealousy amongst each other; we start trying to convince others of our own personal opinions; we remain adamant and stubborn on our own opinions; we start acting proud; and develop a love for oneself;
so on and so forth. Thus these types of deficiencies and diseases can start to develop in a person if they’re not properly trained and guided. That’s why it’s important for everyone to have someone else train them and guide them properly through these pitfalls. That’s why it’s important to find another person who will be there to protect us, relieve us, and make an effort to cure us of these catastrophic diseases which may develop from such a beneficial effort. The elders of the effort also say this. And all the elders in this effort are under the supervision of someone; and have someone else guiding them spiritually and internally.

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