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How to develop a close relation with a shaikh?

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How does one develop a closer relationship with his shaikh after giving bayt? Even though I have much love for my shaikh and think of him on a daily basis, I seem to have just as much fear when I am in front of him. Sometimes I find it hard to even say salaam or make direct eye contact. My heart can’t stop pounding before I try to call him. What should I do to get over this fear and be more open with my spiritual guide so that I am actually able to do my islah?

How to develop a close relation with a shaikh?
If you can’t say anything in front of him or with your tongue then write down your condition and present it front of him. Then when the responses come back, act upon it. If you visit him more often then you will become more familiar and comfortable with him; this will give you more courage to speak to him personally.

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