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If I die during effort of attaining Qurb-e-Ilahi

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I am constantly in a battle within myself. The only time I am truly happy is while in prayer, at the masjid, or in the company of the pious such as yourself or other respected alims. But unfortunately I am not there all the time for I have other friends who do haram things such as drugs and so. I really want to change for the better and reform but am having trouble doing so. I don’t want to lose my friends because I love them greatly they are like my brothers but I feel I have no choice, what is the best approach in this matter?
If I die during effort of attaining Qurb-e-Ilahi

If a person has a company of bad friends, either because his friends have begun to adopt bad qualities or they were bad from the beginning then he should try to gradually distance himself from them and leave their friendship. He should not make a fuss, or get into fights with them, but he should do this wisely.

The scholars have suggested that when a person is caught in a bad company than the affects of that company begins to permeate him. Similarly, if a person finds a good company then the affects of that company will influence him and make him better. Some experts have also suggested that if there is a group of bad people around a person, no matter what they do in the world, they cannot change the qualities of that person after he has been affected as long as he’s with them, same thing vice versa. So company of good people is extremely important, you should acknowledge that and leave your bad friends.

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