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Time distance between Maghrib & Isha

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My Question about time distance between Maghrib and Isha, if Maghrib falls at 7PM than Isha time begans at 8PM or 8:30PM. (I would like to find out what is the time gap between Maghrib and Isha prayer according to your school of believe (Hanafi)).
There is no required time limit for the interval between Maghrib and Isha; it can increase and decrease. After the sun sets there is redness in the horizon (technically referred to Shafaq Ahmar) followed by whiteness (Shafaq Abyad). The time for Isha starts after the setting of this whiteness. This time interval will change due to geography (depending on where we are in the world). Thus, due to their location on the globe, this time interval in the Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) and in the Middle East is usually between 45 to 90 minutes. But this does not have to hold true for the rest of the world; the appropriate interval for each country can be more (even more than 2 hours), or less (even less than 30 minutes). That’s why the correct answer to this question would be that the time for Maghrib is until the beginning of the time for Isha, however long or short that duration may be.

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