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Correct Method of Sajdah

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I am confused about the process to go in sajdah. After Rukuh, we stand up straight. From that point on, which body part touches the ground first and then what follows after that, etc. When coming up from sajdah, which body process comes up first then what follows after that.
Correct Method of Sajdah
When you go in prostration there is a sequential order of things that you should follow and they are as listed below:
 1.)Place your knees on the ground
 2.)Place your hands on the ground 
 3.)Place your nose on the ground 
 4.)Place your forehead 

The thing, which is most important, will be place last. And when getting up from the prostration one should follow the exact opposite order of going into it, starting with: 
1.)Lift the forehead 
2.)Then the nose etc… 

Usually these two things are placed and lifted simultaneously which is also correct. But if one decides to keep consistency in order then one should lift the forehead, nose, hands, and the knees respectfully then one should stand straight.

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