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Difference between  Deobandi and Ahle-Hadees

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Would you please describe the differences between Deobandi’s and Ahle Hadith people. I consider myself as Deobandi but I have been reading about Ahle Hadith it is appealing to me. I’m totally confuse to whom to follow. Please advice.
Difference between  Deobandi and Ahle-Hadees
Deobandi scholars say that it is compulsory to follow one of the Four Imaams. All Deobandis follow the Fiqh of Imam Abu Hanifah and his “Ijtehad”. Ahle-Hadees say that it is not necessary or compulsory to follow any of the four Imaams, and some of them even say that Taqleed of an Imaam is shirk, and it is not permissible to follow Imaams.
Therefore, by our opinion and research, sayings of Deobandi scholars are correct and recommended whereas sayings of Ahle-Hadees are wrong.

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