Breastfeeding after 2.5years

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My child is 2.5years old and is still breastfeeding. I have tried multiple times to wean him off but have been unsuccessful. He does not eat for days ad if i dont offer him my milk also, his weight has drastically dropped before. I have consulted with his doctor also, and she said he needs to have enough calories for his body to funtion and grow. Hes not getting that from food at all. She said to let him continue till he weans himself. Hes also in feeding therapy to get him to try new foods. I have tried everything to get him to eat solid and liquid food but he wont eat anything. His doctor also prescribed him hunger medicine but that hasnt worked either. When he gets hungry he wants milk, if not given he stay hungry all day and night. He gets very cranky because of hunger also of milk is not given. Please guide me if i can continue to breastfeed him? We are traveling to pakistan recently and he stays in diraraha the whole time we are there. Last time we went he was in dirraha for 2 weeks multiple times a day. His doctor says he needs to have enough liquid in himself of else he can fall very ill. If doesnt have my milk and no food either, it can be very dangerous for him with having diarrhea. Please guide me on what i should do? He is 2 and a half of age. I know we are not suppose to breastfeed after 2.5 but i don’t understand on what i should do. 

Breastfeeding after 2.5years

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

The duration of breastfeeding is actually two years. On account of helplessness and compulsion there is permission for 2.5 years. After that breastfeeding is absolutely Haraam. But if he is very weak and is not accepting other foods and this is harming him and there is risk of prolongation of this harm then in this condition, with consultation with some expert Muslim doctor, continue breastfeeding and have him habitual of other foods as soon as possible.

الضرورات تبیح المحظورات(الاشباہ والنطائر : ۱/۸۵)

قال العلامۃ المرغینانی: وہل یباح الارضاع بعد المدۃ قد قیل لا یباح لان اباحتہ ضروریۃ لکونہ جزء الادمی۔ (ہدایہ ۲:۳۵۱ کتاب الرضاع){۳} قال العلامۃ الحصکفی: ویثبت التحریم فی المدۃ فقط ولو بعد الفطام… ولم یبح الارضاع بعد مدتہ لانہ جزء آدمی والانتفاع بہ لغیر ضرورۃ حرام علی الصحیح۔ (الدرالمختار علی ہامش ردالمحتار ۲:۴۳۸ باب الرضاع)

واللہ اعلم بالصواب


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