Chronic Discharge of Urine and Wudu Validity 

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If someone suffers from an illness, which makes it difficult for them to keep their wudu (small amounts of urine exiting their body unnoticed), and this person intends to pray while at college, how would they do this?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful

Assalamu alaikum,

One should prevent urine from reaching one’s body or clothing by placing toilet paper or the like inside one’s underwear so that it absorbs the urine. When needing wudu, one simply removes the toilet paper, makes wudu, and prays. If one is unable to avoid an excused amount of urine from affecting one’s body or clothing (i.e. less than 5 centimeters in diameter), one would be allowed to pray and one’s prayer would be valid. It is recommended, however, to remove this excused amount of urine from one’s clothing if possible. [Hashiya ibn Abidin]

This is if one has enough space within the prayer time to make a quick wudu and prayer without one’s wudu breaking (by drops of urine exiting the body). If not, then one would be considered as having a chronic excuse (`udhr). The rules for someone with a chronic excuse are mentioned in the following link:

Chronic annulment of wudu

And Allah knows best

Fadi Qutub


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