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Is it allowed to have tea in a restaurant that serves haram food also?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

1:Assaalmu alaikum, We would like to know if its allowed to have tea in a restaurant that serves harm food also. Recently we were having tea and cakes there but stopped as they were heating bacon in the same place and the smell can be smelt by all. The staff is mixed, muslim and non-muslim and both staff serves haram food also. Do we avoid such places? Please give a detailed answer. Jazakamullah khairun 2:Assalamu alaikum, How do we one deal with a person caught stealing in masjid? Do we hand him over to police or warm him and let him go? Wa sallam 3: Assalamu alaikum, Too many sit aroubd in masjid and chat and disturb others. When told to keep quiet, they say its not your masjid and we have been here 20 years. How do we tell these arrogant people the sins they are committing? Wa sallam 4:Assalamu alaikum, We have a problem in our masjid where the person collecting the money look to see how much money is being donated? Is this haram? How do we tell this person that this practice is not correct? is it a sin to look? Wa sallam

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1.It is allowed for any Muslim to sit and have tea or take foods in such restaurants provided no Haram ingredients are mixed in tea etc and prepared in clean and pure utensils.
2.It is not necessary to hand over such a person to the Police if he abstains from his evil act just by your threatening. If he is helpless and does not renounce his practice then he could be handed over to the Police as well.
3.Talking about worldly matters being within the boundary of the Masjid is tantamount to losing one’s good deeds. Therefore it is necessary to explain them kindly. It is suitable for the Imam to make announcements and prevent people from engaging in worldly discussions within the premises of the Masjid.
4.If what is meant by the question is that, the one who collects the money is seeing the amount so deposited, then let it be known that there is no harm in it as per the Shari’a. If there are any other purposes meant in this question, the Sahr’i ruling of same could be brought to notice by re-sending the question to Darul Iftha, with necessary clarifications.

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