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What is the ruling on Girls Islamic School?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

What is the ruling on “Madrasatul Banat” (religious institutions only for girls)? Can those girls who have come from distant places be in the hostel and acquire knowledge? I am so worried because from one side many a big Ulamas are not in favor of it while on the other side a number of Madrasatul Banat with hostels, too are functioning under the patronage of many a big Ulamas. Please solve my this problem and Allah will reward you for this.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be understood that acquiring religious knowledge is compulsory upon every male and female. Now if a female can arrange to acquire religious knowledge from any of her Mehrem males while engaged in her household duties and remaining indoors, it is the most suitable and best way and she should learn the important matters pertaining to Ibadaat (Acts of Worship), Akhlaqiyaath (Ethics), Muamalaat (Transactions) and Muasharaat (Social Relationships) and try to lead her practical life accordingly.
But if such an arrangement is not there and if she could go and come to a close-by reliable girl’s Madrasa with a Mehram (male with whom marriage is forbidden) or due to certain difficulties at home if she happened to stay in the hostel, but there remained no possibility of any kind of Fitna(Mischief) whatsoever while travelling to and for from Madrasa or while at hostel or during the course of studies and also there is no immodest dressing (Be Pardagi), it is undoubtedly permissible to acquire religious knowledge with the permission of her Mehram while remaining in Shar’i Parda and nor is it prohibited. However even at this stage the suitable way is to adopt a day-scholar (non-hosteling) system rather than being in the hostel.
The learned Ulamas who oppose to this Madaris are in fact opposing due to the shortcomings of the administration, in-cautiousness in going and coming to Madrasa and improper supervision in the hostels with regard to their discipline and etiquette etc. In the contrary, these things are opposed by even every common man, as such, there remains a dire need of looking into these matters.

Allah knows best

This Q&A was indexed from the official english fatwa portal of Jamia Binoria. It is an Islamic educational institute in Karachi, Pakistan.

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