Sins that bring about the Curse of Allah

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Q. What type of sins bring about the curse of Allah? How long does it last? What can someone do to take away Allah curse?

A. The sins that bring about the curse of Allah are those which have been highlighted in the ahadith of the Prophet (SA). Some of those who are cursed by Allah for certain sins include:- 1) Those who are involved in intoxicants. The drinker, the cup bearer, the buyer, the seller, the deliverer etc. etc. are all cursed. 2) Those who are involved in Riba (interest). The one who pays it, receives it, witnesses it and the one who writes and documents it. 3) Those who do not pay Zakaah. 4) Those who are involved in bribery. Those who give it, accept it, the man who is the mediator or go between etc. etc. 5) Those who are disobedient to parents. Those who curse parents and break ties of relationship. 6) Those who are liars and hypocrites. 7) Those who cause harm to a believer. 8) Those women who imitate men, and those men who imitate women. 9) Those women who put on a wig or makes it. Those who trim eyebrows and tattoo themselves etc. etc.

There are many other sins given in the ahadith regarding those whom Allah Has cursed.

This curse remains as long as the person is not forgiven by Allah. In order to remove this curse, one should make sincere repentance of the sin that was committed, and make a firm resolution (and promise) to Allah that he will never commit the sin again. In this regard, he should immediately stop the sin and ensure that he does not go to that sin again. He should also make amends for his sins by undoing what he has done in the past. That is, if he has taken the properly or wealth of another person unjustly and unlawfully, then he must return it to him. If he has unlawful wealth in his possession, he should give it away in charity. If he has caused harm to others, he must seek their forgiveness, and remove the harm as much as possible. He must also begin to do good actions and be obedient to Allah.

About this, the Holy Quran has said, ‘So whoever repents after his transgressions/sins, and make amends, then Allah will turn towards him (and accept his repentance). (Sura Al Ma’ida verse 39). In another verse, the Quran states, ‘And whosoever repents and does good deeds, then Allah will turn to him by accepting his repentance’. (Sura Al Furqan verse 71).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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