If a woman has a miscarriage bcz no heartbeat was found on foetus.

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If a woman has a miscarriage bcz no heartbeat was found on foetus after the natural discharge of it will the bleeding after be that of nifas and how should the foetus be disposed of.



Assalaamu Alaikum,

The bleeding will be nifaas if any part of the body of the baby was formed already and was visible at the time of miscarriage. If this did not happen, then the bleeding will not be nifaas.

With respect to how the foetus should be disposed of, the following are some guidelines which will be adopted in any given situation:-

1) In the case of a miscarriage, if the child was not formed as yet (that is, its hands, feet, face, nose etc. have not been formed as yet), then it should not be given a bath nor shrouded (in the Islamic way of shrouding for Janazah). Instead, it should be wrapped in a piece of cloth and buried.

2) If any of its limbs were formed, then it should be named and given a bath, but should not be given the normal shrouding nor should Janazah Salaah be read over it. Instead, it should be wrapped on a cloth and buried.

(Sharh At Tanweer).

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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