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Muslim man having a gold tooth.

Q. I will like to know since I’ve seen alot of it, can a muslim man have a gold tooth and can a muslim man wear fake gold?

A. With respect to the issue of having a gold tooth, the scholars have written the following: In Al Khulasatul Fatawa vol. 4 pg 370, it is written ‘And the teeth can be covered with silver, and they must not be covered with gold’.

In Raddul Muhtar it is written, ‘And the tooth cannot be fastened/braced with gold. Instead, silver would be used’. (Raddul Muhtar (Shami) vol. 6 pg. 362)

In Al Hidayah, it is written, ‘The teeth cannot be braced/covered with gold, but it can be covered with silver. This is so because the original law of using gold is that it is prohibited, and allowance is based on need. Here, the need can be fulfilled in using silver, hence, gold will remain upon its prohibition‘. (Al Hidayah vol. 4 pg. 457).

Based on these religious verdicts and established rulings, it will not be permissible for a Muslim man to have a gold tooth. If there is a need to have anything of this nature, then this need can be fulfilled by having a silver tooth.

Fake gold is not ‘gold’ and hence, it will not be prohibited for men. Yet, however, it makes one resemble those who wear real gold and as such will be best to avoid it.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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