Can we not go a mazaars.?

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Can we not go a mazaars.?

And give me the answer in reference of hadith and quran.


As Salaamu Alaikum,

A mazaar is a grave, shrine or a tomb, and visiting a mazaar is in reality visiting a grave. Hence, it is permissible to visit a mazaar.

However, it should be noted that many un-Islamic practices and customs have been innovated in regards to the mazaars of pious people. Some acts which are prevalent at these mazaars today are:-

(i) Some people actually bow and make Sajdah before these mazaars which is an act of kufr. The Prophet (SAS) forbade his followers from making sajdah before these mazaars which is an act of kufr. The Prophet (SAS) forbade his followers from making Sajdah before anyone except Allah. (Sunan Abu Dawood). The jurists have stated that if one makes the Sajdah for the sake of worshipping another person, then this is kufr. In a similar manner, to make sajdah in order to show submission and obedience to another person is also kufr, and making Sajdah to another one for the sake of respect and honor is totally haram. All the Imams of Fiqh and the pious predecessors are unanimous on these rulings (Raddul Muhtar- Kitab Al Hadhr wal Ibahah).

(ii) Some people supplicate to, and pray to these mazaars for help and assistance, with the hope that the dwellers of the mazaars (grave) will answer their prayers. This is shirk and must not be done.

(iii) The erection of a mausoleum over the grave which has occurred with these mazaars is also prohibited. These are clearly forbidden in the Ahadith. In fact, the hadith recorded by Imam Bukhari states that the Prophet (SAS) said, ‘There were some people that when a righteous man died from among them, they built a tomb (mausoleum or a ‘masjid-like’ structure) over his grave. These are the worst of Allah’s creation in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgement’ (Bukhari).

(iv) People are seen making rounds around the four corners of the grave (like Tawaf). This is totally haram in Islam.

(v) The open intermingling, singing and lamenting that take place at the mazaars are all prohibited in Islam as evident from many authentic traditions.

So, there are many un Islamic practices which take place at the mazaars. As such, one should not visit the mazaars at such times when these practices are being done. Besides this, if one visits the mazaar for the purpose of visiting the grave of a Muslim or pious servant of Allah without becoming involved in the above mentioned practices, then it is allowed. In fact, he should go when these things are not taking place.

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And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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