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As Salaam Alaikum,

Can you tell me what is the correct spelling and pronunciation for a girl’s name, which is pronounced Ah-Ree-Ahh…

1. Thinking it’s either Aria or Arya. Which is more suitable?
2. What is the meaning of both in Arabic?
3. Are either of these suitable for a Muslim girl?


Wa Alaikkum As Salaam,

  1. Arya is more suitable
  2. This name is not from the Arabic language. It is from the Persian language spelt as آريا.

It can be written as ‘Arya’, but pronounced as Aaryaa, as this conforms to the way it is spelt in the original Persian language.

  1. The name Arya is suitable for a Muslim girl. It means ‘wise’ or ‘noble’.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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