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Dripping of urine during salaah.

Q. Normally I don’t pass out urine drops but during namaz I feel like going to the washroom, even if I repeat wudhu I again feel like going to the washroom. I have this sensation that I have passed urine drops during namaz, despite performing wudhu again and again. Please tell me what to do?

A. If this is only a feeling, and there are no real drips of urine, then you should ignore these thoughts and feelings, since it is Waswasa (evil promptings). However, if there is the actual dripping of urine which occurs repeatedly during Namaaz, then you will have to perform the Salaah of an excused person (Ma’zur). This means that you will wait for the ending (permissible) time for Salaah, to see if your problem stops. If it stops, then immediately make wazu and perform salaah. If the problem does not stop, and it continues to the extent that in the entire time of a Salaah, you cannot get the time to remain free from the dripping of urine, then you will make wazu during anytime of the (Salaah) time and perform Salaah. With this wazu, you will be able to perform any amount of Salaah during that time, however, when the time for that specific Salaah finishes, your wazu will be broken, and you will need to make a fresh wazu for another Salaah. In this state, pay no attention to the urine drips, or repeating wazu and Salaah.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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